Our Team

Mr. Rajendran, Managing Director

Rajendran learned to love and respect nature at an early age from his grandfather. He thoroughly enjoyed the miracles of medicinal plants and his curiosity led him to learn about these wonders and study them. Following an MSc in Biochemistry, he worked with several prestigious companies dealing with herbal products. In 1997, after several years of acquired knowledge and experience, he founded Natsyn Catalysts along with his wife Kamala.Today, Mr R. Rajendran is a respected professional in the herbal, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical world, with over 36 years of rewarding experience in the field.

Mr Rajendran has won recognition as an innovator, has a number of patents to his name, received several national awards, published scientific papers, addressed seminars, and built a reputation for developing quality products, encouraging research into new formulations and maintaining sustainable productivity for the global market. The Indian Government has recognized his expertise and has currently chosen him to help establish herbal monographs for Indian Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia.

Mrs. Kamala Rajendran
Mr.Ravi Rajendran

Mr Rajendran is now looking to expand Natsyn Catalysts, broadening its scope and perspective. And sharing this exciting new vision is his son Ravi. A qualified MBA from Harvard Business School, Ravi has taken on the responsibility of building on the company's strong existing position and enhancing its network in the United States. With a strong family heritage behind him, and with his father's knowledge and experience supporting him, Ravi is poised to take the company to greater heights.