As a nutraceutical company, Natsyn Catalysts understands its responsibility towards human lives - one of trust and hope.. From cultivating our own herbs to using international manufacturing machinery; from high end research into new herbal characteristics to development of customer-friendly products; from packaging and labelling to export and marketing; from assuring quality from the root upwards to ensuring the final extract is suitable for human consumption, Natsyn Catalysts's mission is to manufacture healthy, effective and natural herbal extracts to improve the quality of human lives and make sure we merit the trust that our clients place in us.


At Natsyn Catalysts we believe that the first step to reaching great heights is to aim high and think big. We believe that we have what it takes to build on our strong foundation and become an independent and premier company in the nutraceutical industry. In our quest to be the best we are looking to improve at every stage of our journey.

We look to expand our cultivable land and grow more of our own herbs for extraction. We are also looking to invest more in R&D and in equipment to develop novel methods of extraction, study new herbs, and enhance our manufacturing procedure. We are also currently constructing more laboratories to perform pre-clinical animal tests and toxicity tests. The new infrastructure will also aid in the manufacturing of reference standards for herbal products which we currently purchase from other companies. In this regard, Natsyn Catalysts is strongly focused on being the producer of reference standards and setting the bar for excellence.

We also intend to optimize the final stages of our export, namely the packaging and labelling of the extracts/products. Our vision for growth involves directly dealing with clients, increasing our production capacity and exporting to new markets. Most importantly, our vision is to make Natsyn Catalysts synonymous with an unmatched standard of quality that other companies aspire to achieve.

Finally, Natsyn Catalysts is also very conscious of its roots and its role in the bigger picture of Life. We look to continue our social outreach programs, provide financial security to our farmers and employees, promote organic farming and always work within the framework of honesty and ethics.