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Ancient man was very close to mother Nature, living in daily contact with plants, animals, mountains, rivers, green valleys- all these were his home. This made him sensitive to these natural things.

As such he was able to observe the animals eating many herbs for their health. This led to initiate the early research process in people. Very soon a massive pile up of the medicinal values of the green remedies occurred as a result of these trial and error methods adopted.

Today we have abundant knowledge on right use of herbs for tackling every ailment. This has become a specialty for the modern scientific world particularly in India, where lot of pioneering has been done.

Today India is leading in supply of herbal products to foreign countries. Herbal market is very big and growing constantly. A new dimension on quality front has emerged in international market due to stringent quality requirements by the FDA.

Natsyn Catalysts is proud to be a leader in supplying consistent quality products to the human kind .